Graduation Seal Options



    State-Defined Seals


    Earn a score of 3 or higher on the Biology state test; or earn a grade of B or higher in an advanced science course


    Earn a score of 3 or higher on both the US History and Government state tests; or earn a grade of B or higher in US History and Government courses 

    OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal

    Complete the OMJ Readiness Seal validation form

    College-Ready Seal

    Earn remediation-free scores on the ACT (English-18; Reading-22; Math-22)

    Military Enlistment Seal

    Provide evidence you have enlisted in a branch of the US Armed Forces or participate in JROTC

    Industry-Recognized Credential Seal

    Earn an approved industry-recognized credential at the Career Center

    Honors Diploma Seal

    Meet 6 of 7 criteria set by ODE


    Earn a B or higher in an appropriate class taken through CCP

    Locally-Defined Seals

    Community Service Seal

    • Students will complete 60 total hours from grades 9-12 (not to include hours completed for family members/friends)
    • Service must be approved by principal or guidance counselor prior to beginning 
    • Students must submit log of completed hours signed by supervisor to Guidance Office upon completion of activity

    Fine and Performing Arts Seal

    • Students will earn 3 credits of Fine Arts (can be a combination of band, choir, art, and/or music courses)
    • Students will participate in one sanctioned competition/event per credit such as winter band concert, solo and ensemble, East Knox Art Show, Governor’s Art Show, or Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival 
    • Membership in Marching Band and/or Art Club in year(s) when receiving band/art credit

    Student Engagement Seal

    • Students must participate in three seasons of a sport or three years of a school sponsored organization from grades 9-12 
    • Student must complete season/year and maintain good standing with regards to attendance, eligibility, and participation as applicable 


    Service Log for Community Service Seal
    Volunteer Opportunities (list provided by United Way of Knox County)
    Testing Information
    All juniors will take the ACT at East Knox in the spring (KCCC students will test at KCCC). CCP students will receive letters with details regarding pre-test information and test times.
    ACT Practice Exam and Scoring Instructions *Use ODE2017 to access both documents*
    End of Course Practice Exams - You will have the option to practice any of the tests.
    End of Course Review Materials
    Algebra - Study Guide
    Geometry - Study Guide 
    English Language Arts II - Sample Questions and Answers
    Biology - Study Guide
    American History - Study Guide