• These are a work in progress.  I can statements are focused targets developed from the state standards that explain what your child is working on for the week/unit.  Instruction within the classroom will target these areas so that teachers can ensure these skills are mastered.
    8th Grade Writing I Can Statements:
    Week of 9/13-I can create short quizzes on subjects and predicates.
                           I can recognize nouns, pronouns, and verbs in various sentences. 
    Week of 9/20-I can write an essay using transitional words, a thesis statement and all 8 parts of speech.
    Week of 9/27

           I can conduct background reading for research papers to be written through the Internet   

           establishing a thesis statement and using transitional words.
           I can write a narrative and persuasive paper using transitional words.
           I can distinguish between common and proper nouns.
    Week of


    I can use organizational strategies to plan and organize writing with an effective and engaging introduction, body and conclusion that summarizes, extends and elaborates on writing.  
    I can differentiate between commonly confused words (good, well, bad, and badly) to make a grammatically correct sentence.

    I can identify direct and indirect objects within a sentence.  
    I can identify and use commonly misused vocabulary words in various sentences.  
    I can identify and use all types of pronouns in various types of sentences.  


    I can identify fragment and run-on sentences and revise them to make them correct.  
    I can identify all types of verbs within a sentence.  
    I can use context clues to define vocabulary words within a sentence.






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