• These are a work in progress.  I can statements are focused targets developed from the state standards that explain what your child is working on for the week/unit.  Instruction within the classroom will target these areas so that the teachers can ensure these skills are mastered. 
    5th Grade Writing I Can Statements:
    Week of 9/13
     I can use quotation marks correctly.
     I can develop and state the main idea in my writing.
    Week of 9/20
    I can generate writing ideas through discussions with others and fromprinted material, and keep a list of writing ideas.

    I can use this list of writing ideas to write informally in my journal.
    I can state and develop the main idea.
    I can determine my purpose and audience.
    I can use organizational strategies to organize my writing.
    I can group related ideas into paragraphs including topic sentences .
    I can vary my language and style in my writing.
    I can proofread my writing.
    I can use a rubric to judge the quality of my writing.
    I can use commas correctly.
    I can conduct interviews to gather information.
    I can use technology to compose text.

    I can write a narrative.





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