• I Can Objectives 5th Grade Science Standards

    I can identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.

    I can design and conduct a scientific investigation.

    I can use appropriate mathematics, tools and techniques to gather data and information.

    I can analyze and interpret data.

    I can develop descriptions, models, explanations and predictions.

    I can think critically and logically to connect evidence and explanations.

    I can recognize and analyze alternative alternative explanations and predications; and communicate scientific procedures and explanations.

    I can investigate ways Earth’s renewable resource can be maintained.

    I can explain how the supply of many non-renewable resources is limited and can be extended through reducing, reusing and recycling but cannot be extended indefinitely.

    I can explain how the amount of change in movement of an object is based on the weight (mass) of the object and the amount of force exerted.

    I can explain how light and sounds are forms of energy that behave in predicable ways.

    I can trace how electrical current travels by creating a simple electric circuit

    I can describe that electrical current in a circuit can produce thermal energy, light, sound and/or magnetic forces.

    I can trace how thermal energy can transfer from one object to another by conduction.

    I can define temperature as the measure of thermal energy and describe the way it is measured.

    I can describe how the solar system includes the sun and all celestial bodies that orbit the sun. Each planet in the solar system has unique characteristics.

    I can explain that the sun is one of many stars that exist in the universe.

    I can describe how most of the cycles and patterns of motion between the Earth and sun are predictable.

    I can describe how organisms perform a variety of roles in an ecosystem.

    I can describe all of the processes that take place within organisms require energy.

Last Modified on September 10, 2010