• Course Description:

    Mythology is used as a reference in many pieces of literature, being a basis for reading understanding. Students will read many mythological stories, studying the gods and goddesses, heroes, creatures, and places of Ancient Greece and Rome and other cultures. Students will become familiar with word roots and bases to help enlarge vocabulary.

British Literature

  • Course Description

    Students will study literary works and literary elements focusing on British literature. Literary study will include poetry, plays, fiction, and nonfiction prose. Reading selections will include both assigned and supplemental choices. Students will write for various purposes with a focus on applying standard English grammar, usage and vocabulary in compositions. Research and analytical skills will be applied for writing and speaking. Listening skills and visual literacy will be implemented throughout the course. Presentations will include the use of research and technology. Throughout the course, students will develop a writing portfolio in addition to supplementing a career portfolio. The language arts State Standards will be included throughout the course. Students will enhance their literary and writing experiences, as well as develop communication skills for employment and/or further education.

American Literature

  • Course Description:

    Students will study American Literature, focus on research and analysis in their writing, increase their vocabulary skills, remediate grammar and usage problems, and read two or three supplemental novels. In addition, students will improve their oral presentation skills, their visual literacy skills, and their reading and writing skills.